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Waqi | Ejen Hartanah 🇲🇾

🔍 Senior Real Estate Negotiator @ KW Malaysia (Reapfield Properties HQ)
🔍 Focus area: Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Sepang (Malaysia)
🔍 Real estate dealings; selling, renting and managing properties in Klang Valley

Learn The Process

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☕ Guide on how to buy a house in 2023
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☕ Guide on how to sell house in Malaysia
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☕ Guiding anyone to KICKSTART as REN

My Focus Area

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📸 Focus area: Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Sepang (Malaysia)

My Property Channel

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🔑 iProperty - My own updated listings of rental and sales all over Klang Valley
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🔑 Telegram Channel / WhatsApp Broadcast - Brief update on latest listings of rental and sales for CoAgency

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