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πŸ“ŒΒ To ensure the best results possible..
πŸ“ŒΒ I am both a local neighborhood community and a full time registered estate agent..
πŸ“ŒΒ With steadfast commitment to serve


πŸ“Έ Putrajaya
πŸ“Έ Cyberjaya
πŸ“Έ Sepang
πŸ“Έ Kuala Lumpur
πŸ“Έ Petaling Jaya
πŸ“Έ Semenyih
πŸ“Έ Shah Alam
πŸ“Έ Klang
πŸ“Έ Bangi

My Property Channel

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πŸ”‘ iProperty - My own updated listings of rental and sales all over Klang Valley
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πŸ”‘ Telegram Channel / WhatsApp Broadcast - Brief update on latest listings of rental and sales for CoAgency

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